Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful French Polynesia

Hi Lori

Happy New Year! I hope that things have been excellent with you!
We have been excellent and married life is great.

We have been raving about how awesome a travel agent you are to some of our friends here in Toronto – and from the sounds of things – they have thought the same thing. Our good friends A. & D. Thompson recently booked a Hawaii honeymoon with you and I believe that our friend M. Fantegrossi is now discussing Bora Bora with you.

We have and will continue to keep referring anyone we talk to who is interested in a South Pacific / Hawaii honeymoon to you – because you are simply the best

Eva and I have been discussing a trip to Thailand this summer – and we thought – who better to get some prices / advice from than you (I believe you sent an email sometime last year discussing your trip to Thailand). I will likely call you sometime tonight or in the next day or two to get your thoughts and opinions on Thailand..

J. & E. Mastrangelo
Milton, Ontario Canada

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