Friday, August 14, 2009

Fiji Honeymoon - Special Place in our hearts

Bula Mike,

We just wanted to thank you for planning our wonderful honeymoon. It was a perfect vacation and a very smooth travel. After flying for 16 hrs it was nice to know there was someone offering a drink on the boat. While everyone was sitting outside we were comfortable in the captains lounge. Patu was the best! He was very knowledgeable about the island and he says "hi" I learned so much about the Island and became very close the people who work on the island. I actually spent the day on their island (Tavoua) (probably did not spell that correctly) We spent the entire day with Captain Paul (the Chief's son) and Oni (activities director) learning about the village and speaking to the ladies who sell stuff. They loved me on that Island, only Nick and I went so naturally I bought from every single I also worked out a plan to write to them so I can start a writing program for my 3rd grade students with their children when they return on the weekends!
Overall, the trip was great! Food - you were correct a little slow, but everyone is on Fiji time! I did suggest on the suggestion page a snack bar at night. Although dinner is great, I became a little hungry after games and drinks. It would be nice if they had a little snack bar people can buy stuff or they can make quick things to go and take back to the rooms. We also had a broken safe that they never fixed so we were a little nervous about our important stuff being locked up. However, in the end we completely earned the trust of everyone on that island. I left everything around my room and not a single things was moved.
For fun, we took a helicopter around the islands and went shopping. It was the perfect place to relax and get away. We brought a float for the ocean and started a tradition on the island. We passed it onto an Australian couple and they will pass it on when they leave...smiles On a great note, it only became cloudy on our last day, so we really lucked out. We look forward to booking our next trip with you, you have earned our complete trust! Thank you for making it a perfect honeymoon this island will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

All the best,

K. & N. Scrivanich
New Jersey, NY

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