Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy at Tambua Sands Fiji

First off my wife and I would like to thank you and Mike for making this happen for us on such short notice. The information provided by your team was very useful for getting around and planning our stay at Tambua Sands. It was nice to have such wonderful help choosing a destination.
The trip was many more times the experience that we had expected. Upon arrival, we had a cheerful greeting followed by very friendly and helpful service from the staff at the resort. We took full advantage of having the resort to ourselves for the first few days of our stay; truly a romantic time for my wife and I. During this time we made friends with some of the staff and it was this that opened our eyes and adventures with the local Fijian villagers. We had hoped to get a chance to share in the local way of life while on the island. We expected to have to work at a friendship before sharing in their culture but found the opposite to be true. It was no trouble at all getting close to the people and as in any relationship it is a give and take effort to get to know each other and truly find a peace. These new friendships opened the door to the entire village and it is there that our hearts remain. Soon it was clear that the resort was only going to be used for a place to sleep. The remainder of the time was spent in the village sharing in their way of life. Unforgettable and life changing is the only way to describe this vacation.
We did have a chance to venture off and look at other parts of the island in Fiji. It was good to see, but it was always nice to return to the quiet setting of Tambua Sands and the staff there. Here we knew each others names, stopped to visit, and spent genuine time together. A visit to the neighboring resorts reinforced that we had made the correct decision in regards to a resort destination.
Thank you again for helping us establish a new group of friends that we will always cherish and remember. Your services will go highly recommended to our friends, family, and co-workers. I hope that they take advantage of your committed service as we will be sure to encourage it. Also, sleep well knowing that our next vacation will start with your team. Mike did a wonderful job and deserves to be recognized for his promise to deliver, friendly tone, prompt follow ups, reassurance, and exact knowledge of his job. Feel free to use any or all of the correspondence above as you see fit.
G&M Applekamp
Atascadero, GA

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