Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Fiji Vacation

We will for sure be asking for your expertise when we go to Fiji again as a family. In the meantime any places we should be keeping our eye on? Someone said there is a great family resort on the other side of Likuliku?

Did Tracy mention they now refer to us as the responsible parents after we jumped off the 45 foot waterfall at the end of the Lavena Coastal Walk? I attached a picture of me jumping. We also missed our flight from Nadi to Taveuni and flew in on the cargo plane. It was amazing and we were so glad it happened. Just us and 2 pilots in a tiny plane. Such amazing views. Daily volleyball was also a highlight and we decided to do the resort scuba with Jamie and are hooked! We will be scuba certified when we go back. And of course we miss sitting nightly with the Band Boys drinking Kava. We are both suffering from severe post paradise depression. I told Tracy to let us know if they ever have a job opening as we will sell everything and move to Taveuni in a heartbeat!

J. Patrick
Oregon City, OR

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