Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabulous Hawaii Vacation

Hi Hiapo

Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE Turtle Bay. Sad to be leaving today, but Bora Bora should be a blast.. Hiapo has been very helpful so far. Went surfing yesterday, it was a blast! Next time, I will have my arms worked out so my instructor doesn't have to paddle me to the waves each time ;) Bahaha! Went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a luau last night, didn't realize it was so huge. We could have spent the whole day there, but we kind of expected the luau to be a little different like on a beach and with booze! LOL

I think we have found our future place to call home in Hawaii! But we still haven't been to Bora Bora so I will keep you posted. Thank you for arranging an amazing vacation thus far!!!

H. Daraseng
Alberta, Canada

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