Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Hotel Hana is Rejuvenating, lots of fun activities too. Heaven on Earth!

From the moment you arrived at the front desk you feel welcomed with genuine Hawaiian Aloha! I've been enjoying this alluring resort since 1990 and I consider it one of the most unique resorts in Hawaii and even the South Pacific. My first longer stay (that was 3 nights), was my honeymoon in January 1991. Prior to that we did the usual, when you live on Maui, 1-2 nights at the most. I've enjoyed many 2 night stays at the Hotel between 1991 and 2010. I am a BIG FAN of the Sea Ranch Cottages w/ jacuzzi spa on the deck. The best ones are the 2 bedroom oceanfront suites w/ jacuzzi tub for a family or 2 couples.

The bed and pillows are so comfortable, that one morning I could not peel myself out of bed until 8am (I usually get up at 6am or earlier). I would rate the bed at a 10! Room service was fast and delicious. I enjoyed one dinner (fabulous preparation of fresh fish and fresh vegies), and one breakfast (eggs benedict with fish.. my FAVORITE). YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY. As usual the staff in the dining rooms were friendly and attentive and the wine selection made my mouth water! I enjoyed a 2004 Heitz CabSav over a 2 night period. As they say in Hawaii, "Broke the mouth"! On Friday nights, the staff of the Hotel perform Hawaiian song and dance for the guests (a dinner show). The old timer ladies are so much fun to watch. Every night, except Friday, there is Live Hawaiian music in the Paniolo Bar from 6:30-8:30. That would be the only thing I would
change. Keep the music playing at least until 9:30!

THIS stay, was beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most delightful, relaxing and FUN ever. Somewhat of a Sabbatical (even though I did do some work), I managed to partake of many of the activities that YOU will want to enjoy when you come for more than 2 days (yes, you must come more than 2 nights!). 2 Thai Massages that are the very best. My therapist was Cynthia. I sit a desk all day and really need to be stretched out. This is so relaxing and you are engaged in the process (versus just lying there being massaged). There is some of that too! I also enjoyed a Watsu water treatment, which is floating in water while you are being massages and softly stretched. OMG for both of these treatments! The one hour horseback ride in the pastures in front of the Sea Ranch Cottages is gorgeous and just enough to make your bum a little sore (for someone who does not ride!).

I went on a kayak/snorkel tour with Hana Bay Kayaks that was spectacular. The weather WAS stellar the whole 6 days I was there and the water as flat as a pancake! I've know Kevin Coates for years. My final big adventure was Maui Stables 3 hours horseback ride in Kipahulu. Not only is the scenery picture perfect, but the guide we had, Keone Smith, was a wealth of knowledge about Hawaiian history (some I had never heard before and I've lived here for 36 years... just how old Keone is!). Keone was witty, funny, cute, very interesting to listen to.. the perfect guide, the perfect day, the perfect Maui horseback ride! Well, honestly, the very last wonderful adventure was driving my cute little miata back home to Kula with NO CARS in front of me. A beautifious day, convertible top down, the sound of the varied thrush birds in the trees, jungle breezes freshening my face and whispering, "be sure to come back soon, Melissa".
As the owner of McCoy Custom Travel & Cruise, I stay at many many hotels in Hawaii (all islands), Tahiti and Fiji. This Hotel, this experience, ranks so high on my "experience rikter scale", that I am writing my very first review on TripAdvisor! Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit with Maui being very much "The Magical Island", voted best island on earth by Conde Nast. And Hana, with it's healing, theraputic, rejuvenating energy, melts the stress away, puts a smile on your face and helps you once again discover the essence of YOU! Hotel Hana Maui embraces you, welcomes you, and welcomes you back "home".