Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hawaiian Island Hopping

Just thought I would give you some feedback on our stay on Big Island and Kauai.

Big Island was fantastic. We stayed at Kona Village which lived up to our expectations. The beach is not your typical pure white golden sand but actually covered with lots of volcanic rock. However, the seclusion, sea turtles and sailing more than made up for it. The accommodation was excellent as was the service. The food was always large in portion but not exceptional (breakfast was great but lunch and dinner were average/good).

Best features of big island were the drive up to the mountain with the space telescopes on it for sunset – really enjoyable but take lots of clothes. The visit to the area where the lava meets the sea was a bit of a disappointment as you are kept so far away that during the day all you get is a plume of smoke. At night, it becomes a bit more of a spectacle as you appreciate the glow of the volcano and actually see spurts of lava. If clients have the money, the helicopter trip was good value and I saw some people take boat trips close to the lave which was definitely the best seat in the house. The walk around Volcano national park was excellent and very cheap - €10 for a 5 day pass I think.

On Kauai, we did the Napali Coast kayak trip – 19 miles which was great although a tough day. Walking to some of the waterfalls in the Waimea canyon and on the Napali was also one of the highlights of our holiday.

Quick note to other tourists. While having a Jeep Wrangler is a lot of fun, it is also a pain when you have to manually put the roof on and off. There was also very little road in Kauai or Big Island (save the observatory) where it was required. If people want a 4 wheel drive – definitely go for something we an electric roof as the quickly changing weather can make the wrangler a pain sometimes.

A. Stewart
Southampton, UK England

Hi Faye

I just wanted to say thanks for helping organize our honeymoon – Emma and I had a fantastic time. Both islands were an absolute delight and we are already thinking about a return trip one anniversary. Also wanted to say thanks for the fruit bowl which was a wonderful treat on our veranda overlooking the sea that afternoon – absolutely delicious.

Anyway, the return to reality has been a stark one given the paradise we were in! Take care

Kind regards
A. Stewart
Southampton, UK England

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