Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Holidays in Fiji


Good evening. The trip was amazing. It was very relaxing, and the calm atmosphere was just what we needed.

I thought the flight in was great, it really let's you see part of the island that you wouldn't see from the coast. We were also glad to have taken a car on our return trip, it gave us an interesting view of the villages and locals. We had an Indian driver that was very knowledgeable.

The resort was great, we had Thanksgiving dinner with the GM and the owner who were both gracious. They asked us how we had heard about the resort and we told them your name. They were very aware of the number of guest you send them.

The resort itself was great, the rooms were very clean and nice, and the plunge pools really made the place fantastic. The employees were extremely nice and that added touch made our stay even more enjoyable.

From an activity stand point, we did everything we could, my daughter went zip lining and I did the shark dive. All 3 of us went out to the resort owned island for a day of snorkeling. My wife and I saw a 6 ft reef shark swim under us, right before we had our grilled lobster and chicken lunch.

If there was any negative feed back we had, it would be the snorkeling right off the beach of the resort and the water quality. We didn't know that most of the rivers are polluted on the main island and that most of the reef is dead on the coast. The only other item that was unexpected was the set up at the resort. It seemed like the resort wasn't really sure what it wanted to be, a resort or property development company. While we very much enjoyed the resort, it seemed as if the owner had changed their direction and wanted to sell the property rather then focus on the "Resort experience". The only down side here was that the food was somewhat average.

We made some great friends, but we don't know if the resort will be there in the next few years to return.

My family and I agree that we would go back to Fiji again, but we would want to stay on an island with a lot a reef around it that we could just walk into the water and snorkel for hours. I'm sure there are a lot of resorts like this, in fact if I recall you recommended we try two bad! :)

We are already starting to plan our next trip, I enjoyed working with you and hopefully you can help us on our next adventure.

I think you can sum up what we are looking for in two things, a really nice resort with great food, and untouched reefs that are warm and thriving with life that can be accessed right in front of the resort.

Thanks again for all of your advice, the resort over all was great and very cost effective.

I believe you also specialize in Tahiti, please feel free to send me any recommendations you might have.

Have a great holiday!!!

D. Cameron
Aliso Viejo, CA
Family Vacation

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